The green fruit #waterapple

Water Apple, one of the many varieties

We all have this one memory that pops up when somebody mentions a fruit. Many of my summers have been about water apples, Chambakka in Malayalam. This in the picture is one variety, they also come as smaller, pinker and whiter fruits hanging from their shady trees.

I loved going to school for many reasons, however it turned food exciting when the academic year hit the month of #March. The students who went home for lunch used to bring back a tiffin box of chambakka, and many times they were sliced, mixed salt and red chilly powder.

As they walked and cycled from home to school, these slices of chambakka rolled and rolled inside these tiffin boxes coating themselves with a now wet mix of chilly powder and salt.

By the time they reached our classroom, it would be the perfect post lunch snack we could nibble on sneakily during the post lunch periods. The tiffin box used to be passed on from one student to the next, from whereever its owner sat to the front benches and back, the joy of biting into it during a lecture when we were supposed to attentively listen to the teacher .. oooooooo

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The Yellow Petal

I’m excited about how this petal has turned out to be in a week’s time. It is paper-ish to touch, has fabulous veins, and it seamlessly becomes part of every page I place it on. It is also feather light, therefore it wants to fly everytime there is a hint of a breeze anywhere near it, it did fly away twice when I took it out to show the sun.

I collected a couple of fallen #konnapoo (#cassiafistula /#goldenshowertree ) from the road on my way back from somewhere last week. This one stayed apart from the rest as a single #petal while the rest of its friends, the whole #flowers are drying away inside different #books kept around the home.

Cassia Fistula, Golden Shower Tree, Konna in Malayalam is painting the skylines yellow with their flowers earlier than their time this year … It speaks about how the temperatures have risen and plants like human beings are feeling the pinch

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